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Trident Brushes

Trident Brushes

Brush Sizes

The natural bristles of the Trident Brush are in a triangular ferrule with a flat top. The reason for the three sides and three corners is to provide unique applications used in landscape and decorative painting.

Available in the following sizes:   #8, #12, and #16.

Techniques for Using Sharon B's Trident Brushes

The following applications are applied over a dry underpainting or surface. The trident bristles are not moistened first, but used dry with only paint on the bristles. This will prevent thinning of the paint on the bristles, providing a perfect application on the surface. When changing colors, only wipe on a dry paper towel.

Loading the Trident Brush

The paint is placed on the palette in small puddles so that each side or corner of the trident can easily pick up small amounts of paint.


To paint with three colors, load each corner of the trident with a small amount of each color. Apply in a tapping motion for individual leaves or flowers, or to create bark on a tree. These techniques work well for foreground applications where more texture is required.


To paint foreground fences, gates, or arbors, load the flat top of the trident with a scant amount of middle value paint and apply to the surface following the form of the structure. Next, apply the lighter value and darker shading using one of the corners of the trident for each color application.


To paint using the three sides of the trident, load each color by holding the bristles flat to the palette's surface. Lightly tap on the palette to blend, then apply by dragging onto the surface. This technique works well for forming Santa beards, plus applies three colors at the same time!