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February 2013

Greetings Painters!

The Decorative Painter Magazine, Issue 1, 2013: I believe all you beginner acrylic landscape painters will appreciate my "Forest Study" complete with painted step-by-step illustrations, pattern and instructions. It will teach you to paint realistic trees, bushes, pathway and daisies. Also glazing techniques on how to darken shadows supporting the light source thus providing dimension. Ten pages of information and color photos to guide you along the pathway leading into a peaceful forest. Enjoy!

Forest Study

We are also very excited to introduce the new #2 Halo for only $12.95!!! They said it couldn't be done - too small to produce. But we persevered and now offer the smallest Halo to all painters who desire the same quality and performance as the larger #4, #6 & #8 Halos. And to add to our Special Offer, we are now selling the #8 Halo for the same price as the #6 - $19.95. The #8 is being discontinued, so grab it while it lasts! Expiration date: April 30, 2013.

Be sure to check out how to paint Faux Wood Grain in three easy steps using the Halo brushes. So realistic, so easy! And it's a free, on-line lesson for you - just click on "e-learning" to download.

Happy Painting!