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September 2015

Greetings Painters!

Watch for my sea scape, "Sudden Storm", a grisaille project in Issue #4 of The Decorative Painter. Grisaille means to paint using a gray scale, well suited to the subject matter; storm clouds, lightening, ocean, waves and ships. Limiting a painting using six colors of gray (mixes of Graphite and Snow White) teaches the importance of value in creating form as well as dimension. This project is considered a beginner/intermediate skill level and is completed in 3 stages using layered applications and Sharon B's Crown and Blade brush techniques. Instructions are provided for preparing metal surfaces, as well as glazing and highlighting.

If you are not a member of the Society of Decorative Painters, please contact them at:

Society of Decorative Painters
393 N. McLean Blvd.
Wichita KS 67203

Happy Painting!


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