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All halo brushes are currently $12.95 - up to $12 off!

Halo Brushes

Halo Brushes

Brush Sizes

Be sure to check out how to paint Faux Wood Grain in four easy steps using the Halo brushes. So realistic, so easy! And it's a free, on-line lesson for you - just click on "e-Learning" to download. Happy Painting!

The natural bristles are in a round ferrule, and have an angled top with a hole in the middle.

Available in the following sizes: #4, #6, and #8.

We are sorry the #2 Halo has been discontinued, but we recommend size #4, #6, or #8, which are currently on SALE for just $12.95 each!

Techniques for Using Sharon B's Halo Brushes

Loading the High Side of the Halo Brush

Drag a long line of paint onto the paper palette using a squeeze-top bottle. Hold the brush firmly by the handle and dab across the paint, loading the high side of the chisel edge.

Short Strokes

Load the high side of your brush, and lightly drag your dry brush. You can use this technique for short grasses.

Long Strokes

Use the same technique as with the short strokes, but extend your stroke farther.


Load the high side of the brush halfway around the chisel edge of the circle shape. Tap the brush on the surface to form semicircular applications. This technique is perfect for fountain-shaped bushes.


Load the entire circular chisel edge of the brush with slightly thinned paint. Tap off the excess on the paper palette to open the hairs. Firmly grasp the ferrule and drag your thumb across the fully loaded chisel edge.

Hint -- If your paint is too thin it will create large, elongated spatters. For delicate applications, be sure the paint is not too thin. Test on a piece of paper for the proper effect and be sure to cover areas that you do not want spattered.