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Crown Brushes

Crown Brushes

Brush Sizes

The bristles of the Crown Brush are tiered-shaped, ending with a domed top.

Available in the following sizes:   1/8", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" , and 1".

We are sorry the 1/4" crown has been discontinued, and advise size 1/8" or 3/8" as a replacement.

Techniques for Using Sharon B's Crown Brushes

Loading the Crown Brush

Hold the brush in the middle of the handle and slowly roll the bristles across the edge of the paint puddle. Make sure the bristles are fully loaded all the way to the ferrule.

Tipping the Crown Brush

Roll only the tip of your brush across the edge of the paint puddle. Less paint will be absorbed into the bristles, allowing for a lighter or smaller application.


Load your brush and tap the excess paint off on the paper palette to open up the hair. Gently tap or dab your brush, creating a random pattern. You can use this technique for leaf clumps, distant trees, and background bushes.


Scribble paint over the surface in curving brushstrokes in both directions, creating a textural application. You can use this technique to create cloud formations.

Dry Brush/Dragging

Lightly drag your dry brush across the paper, applying only trails of paint. This technique is perfect for old wood buildings and fences.