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Wood Grain Study


Wood Grain Study

Price: FREE!

Download Now!

Welcome to Sharon B's Originals newest online class offering!

This class will teach you to use Sharon B's Originals Halo Technique Brushes while you learn to paint beautiful and realistic wood grain textures. The class is available here, for download (as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file) free of charge!

The Halo brush is now available in 4 sizes, the NEW #2 Halo is the smallest, #4 & #6 medium, and #8 the largest. Choose an appropriately-sized brush for your surface.

I know you will be pleased with the results. Just follow my detailed instructions found in my publications and your paintings too will be a rewarding experience!

Note: This class requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from Adobe's website, here.