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Blade Brushes

Blade Brushes

Brush Sizes

The bristles of the Blade Brush are shaped with flat sides, oval chisel edge, and angle-cut top.

Available in the following sizes:   1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" , and 1".

Techniques for Using Sharon B's Blade Brushes

Tipping/Loading the High Corner of the Blade Brush

Hold the brush in the middle of the handle, push the high corner of the brush into the edge of the paint puddle, and pull back.

Chisel-Edge Loading

Place the full chisel (cut) edge of the brush into the edge of the paint puddle. Pull back and tap on the paper palette to open the hair.


Create a random pattern using an up and down motion. You can use this technique for foreground leaf clumps, bushes, and wildflowers.

Dry Brush/Dragging

Lightly drag your brush across the paper, applying only trails of paint. You can use this technique for large wood buildings and water reflections.